Why Pay $1800.00 or More for the Total Gym® When You Can Get the VigorFit® with Eleven New State of the Art Upgrades for Only $397


Phil Alger

“By Far the best piece of equipment“

Phill Alger
Goldbar, Washington

“I would like to let you know that your fitness gym came the other day and now that I’ve had a chance to use it...

...and compare it to others, I realize that I’ve made the best choice. The VigorFit® Gym is by far the best piece of exercise equipment on the market, bar none! I’ve personally tried the Crossbar®, the Bowflex®, free weights and have been a member of two health clubs. None of them compare to the workout I can get with this VigorFit® gym from you! Congratulations on a wonderful product."

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Douglas Wylie

“Christie, Chuck Retire!”

Douglas Wylie
British Columbia, Canada

“Christie, Chuck retire…..Folks, this is the only gym of this type to buy!”

Discover Eleven New State of the Art Upgrades Designed to Make the VigorFit® Gym Safe, Smooth & Incredibly Effective!

If you want to:

Vigorfit Gym

red bulletiHave a Whopping 440 lbs of Dynamic Body Weight Resistance and Built in Resistance! More resistance than even many bodybuilders ever need!

red bulletiReceive 11 Brand New State of the Art Safety, Comfort & Exercise Upgrades! These 11 upgrades are designed to keep you safe and comfortable while at the same time providing you with an incredible, body changing workout!

red bulletiHave More Than 107 Gym Quality Exercises! Never Outgrow Your Gym! Replace an entire gym with this incredible piece of equipment. Perfect for beginners looking to tone up or advanced body builders looking to add some serious muscle. If you can think of the exercise, it most likely can be performed on the VigorFit®.

red bulletiReceive a Lifetime Warranty! Be Fully Protected! Have a Real Bumper to Bumper Lifetime Warranty covering 100% of all parts on the gym.

red bulletiGet the Body you Want, Risk Free! We feel confident that you will agree that the VigorFit® is an incredible gym. You will see fast, effective safe results or you risk nothing. If you are not convinced that the VigorFit® Gym is everything we say it is and more than you may return the gym risk free.

*Refunds are less freight charges

Then You Have to Read on to see How the VigorFit® Gym’s Upgraded Features Enable You to Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster than You Ever Thought Possible. And Remember…


Virgil Hubbard

"Wow! I can not believe what this device is capable of putting my body through"

“Dear FitnessBargains,

I was into bodybuilding for 20 years and I must confess that I had serious doubts about this purchase. I had looked at competitor [Total Gym®] models and was unimpressed – the only impression I had was – cheap.

To the point – Wow! I can not believe what this device is capable of putting my body through…

I would like to get a few of my old workout buddies on this thing… it would shock them, just like it has shocked me.”

If The VigorFit® Replaced all of this Equipment than it Will Certainly Work for You!

P.S. – “Lest anyone think I exaggerate, here are a few shots of the equipment in my workout room that your equipment has replaced; this makes it clear, I think, what my standard was.”

Virgil Hubbard Rockford, MI

Hubbards Gym

Don’t Take Our Word For It… See What Others Have to Say…

Dave Miller

“Best equipment I have ever used!”

Dave Miller
Wausau, WI

”I just wanted to send a short note to tell you that your product is the best exercise equipment I’ve ever used. It took just...

a few minutes to set up and when I went through the workout I could feel the difference within minutes!

Thanks again for an awesome machine.”

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Michael Tucker

His Legs Now Feel 1000% Better!

Michael Tucker
Altamonte Springs, FL

“I not only love the machine but I am thrilled with the results. I have been recovering from surgery on my left leg...

for over two years now. My legs feel 1000% better than I could have hoped for following my surgery. I had tried physical therapy that really didn’t do much for me except convince me that my legs had to get stronger and that I could in fact use my legs again. It would have been years, if not at all without the [VigorFit®] Gym. I am fully expecting to play golf again this spring and summer. THAT WAS MY INITIAL GOAL!

I thank my lucky stars that I found your website when I did and that I took the leap of faith that your machine would be the answer to my prayers.”

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Victoria Brewer

It Helps Her Fibromyalgia!

Victoria Brewer
Flower Mound, TX

“We purchased a VigorFit® and love the equipment. I have fibromyalgia and have been looking for the right exercise plan.

I can’t use regular machines because they are fixed motion only, and that type of repetitive motion can really mess up my muscles. The VigorFit® is easy to adjust and allows me to adapt the exercises to what I am physically able to do for the day."

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How to cut through the Hype and Confusion to Purchase a Gym that Gives You More Exercise Options, Features and Resistance than You Should Ever Need at as Much as a 75% Savings!
Remember, You Don’t have to take our word for it!


First, we realize that you may be a little bit skeptical or maybe just a little bit confused by all of the different ads and models. Why wouldn’t you? We would be!

A $1800 plus priced gym for only $397, sounds impossible doesn’t it? Well it isn’t.

If you are like most of our customers, you found us because you are interested in purchasing a home gym that would truly produce the results it promised. When you came across the Total Gym® your jaw probably hit the floor when they told you the price — $1800 or more depending on the model and options you wanted. I know mine did when I first found out what they were charging.

male model

Ridiculous? Yes, We think so. But don’t worry you’ll be able to get what I think you will agree, is an incredible gym for a fraction of the price – a gym that will meet all of your needs, wants and goals.

Then you may have started looking online for a deal. That’s when I bet you started to become very confused and overwhelmed. I know that I would.

I’ll let you in on a little known industry secret…
They design it that way! We believe they want you to be confused.

You see if you’re confused than you are likely to spend more of your hard earned money.

Here is our Guarantee to You – Free of Charge.

We will prove and back up everything we state to you. Whether or not you ever purchase from our firm, we guarantee that you will leave us much more knowledgeable and better able to make your own informed intelligent decision. You will feel very comfortable with your purchase – again whether you purchase our gym or another home gym.

The Total Gym® uses many different model numbers to describe what are all very similar, yet different gyms. The Total Gym® model that you see on TV sells for upwards of $1800 and more. In retail stores and all over the net you find many different models advertised – inexpensively – Model 1000, 1500, 1700, Platinum, Ultra amoung others.

Here is something You should know.

These models are all lower quality versions of the Total Gym® Model seen on TV.

Let’s face it, Total Gym® is not going to allow you to get your hands on a $1800 gym for a few hundred dollars. They would have a revolt on their hands. Instead they market very inexpensive versions direct and through distributors to try and grab sales from all of the buyers that simply won’t cough up the $1800 to purchase their more expensive model.

female model

There had to be a better way.

1. First, we wanted to make the VigorFit® Gym very safe, strong and versatile.
2. Second, we wanted to put an end to what we see as confusion in the marketplace.
3. Third, we wanted to eliminate all of the hype and smoke screens and allow you to make an informed decision.

Eleven State of the Art Upgrades. Here is what we did:

1. We have included 11 New State of the Art Upgrades to help ensure your safety, make you more comfortable and provide you with an incredible and fun workout.

2. We have one top of the line model that includes everything you will ever want, need or desire. No upgraded versions. Nothing else to purchase. This is the upgraded version. The top of the line.

3. There is absolutely no hype, no smoke screens. Our state of the art upgrades all make a real difference. A difference you can see for yourself.

male model

The new upgraded features were all designed with the following in mind:

• Keep you safe (with a new, sealed pulley system and steel resistance adjustment beam and pin as well as a locking system that holds the pad in place)
• Increase your comfort (with a state of the art frame, adjustable ropes and oversized sealed ball bearing rollers)
• Ensure Top of the Line Quality (which we back up with a Real Lifetime Warranty)
• Improve your workout (with special Power Strength and Pilates features and upwards of 440 lbs of resistance)
• Make the gym easy to use (with features that allow the gym to fold up extremely small plus technologies that make it perfect for everyone from beginners to very advanced fitness enthusiasts)
• Get you fast, efficient results (with a special, incredibly effective built in resistance system that you should never outgrow)

And much, much, more

We pledge to educate and inform, not confuse you.

Whether you decide to purchase from our firm or not, we want you to leave more informed and able to make the proper decision for you and your family. Regardless of your ultimate decision you will feel comfortable knowing that you had all the facts and were able to make the appropriate choices for you and your family.

female model

How do we sell such a high quality gym for so little?

Simply put, we believe it is because we do not charge you extravagant markups or charge you for expensive celebrity endorsements. By being fair to you, we are able to produce what we think you will agree is an incredibly advanced gym for 1/4 the price.

We invite you to read through the detailed information found below. Review all of the pictures. We are sure that you will find the information very informative and well worth your time.

To a Fitter, Healthier You,

Scott Zetlan Signature

Scott Zetlan, President
FitnessBargains, Inc.

P.S. – In addition to the extensive details found within this letter, we invite you to receive a series of free reports designed to give you even more of the information you need to make the right decision for you.

Click here for Your Free Report

P.P.S. – We can be reached at any time:

• By Email: 7 Days a week, 9:00am – 11:00 pm EST by clicking here

• By Phone: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 8:00pm EST at 877- 4 Fit Gym (877-434-8496)

* Total Gym® is a registered trade mark of EFI Sports Medicine. FitnessBargains, Inc is in no way affiliated with nor sells any Total Gym® products.

Complete Lifetime Warranty!

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Free Guide Free Guide

View 107 Different Exercises in Full Color.
The VigorFit® Replaces an Entire Gym Full of Equipment!


Don’t Take Our Word For It… See What Others Have to Say…

Michelle McGuire

“The Improvements You have made answered all of my concerns and then some."

Michelle McGuire
Ocean Shores, WA

“I am in love with this new machine. I can’t see ever having to purchase another piece of gym equipment again.

I get an amazing workout and now it’s safer and smoother than ever.

“I have received one of the new VigorFit® gyms and I had to write and let you know how amazing I think this piece of equipment is. The improvements that you have made in the VigorFit® have answered all of my concerns and then some.”

“Thank you FitnessBargains. You have always had awesome after sales service and now you have proven yet again that you listen to your customers and what they want.”

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USA Athletes

60 USA Athletes Can’t Wear out the VigorFit®

John McGuire, Head Coach
Great Lakes Aquatics Swim Team
South Lyon, MI

“Wow! When we ordered seven VigorFit® Gyms, we had no idea how much it would impact our USA competitive swim team. Daily, our seven gyms are used by upwards of 60 athletes cycling through during our 2 1/2 to 3 hour practice.

I have been training athletes for 32 years in Michigan and am always looking for new technologies and new ways to increase their strength. I am greatly impressed and elated about the durability and versatility available to different level athletes.

Great Lakes Aquatics Swim Team

We have used [Total Gym®] but your product being used every day, hard, has stood up better than any others we’ve tried.

Our coaching staff feels this is the single best piece of equipment we have found for dry land strength training.”

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DavidP Walker

“Total Gym® is Amateur Night!”

Police Captain
David P. Walker
Smartville, CA

“Received your VigorFit® gym yesterday and to say the least, it exceeds all of your claims for quality and durability. An associate owns the high-end Total Gym® and when he saw your product,...

...he was totally shocked over the sturdiness and standard features present. I’ve seen his high-end Total Gym® and compared to your VigorFit® it’s amateur night.”

“Summarily, I’m an extremely pleased customer and will recommend your product to friends and family.”

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Before you make a purchasing decision take a moment to review the eleven upgrades detailed below. What makes the VigorFit® different? Review the below upgrades and decide for yourself.

VigorFit® Solution – #1


Makes For An Incredibly Smooth & Quiet Workout!


VigorFit’s® Folding Technology allows the gym to fold into itself. The rollers ride along the smooth surface of our frame. This is a picture of the gym in the process of being folded.

How do you make a gym fold up small, yet make it incredibly smooth, strong & quiet?

We firmly believe that we have found the solution with our Patented Frame & Folding System.

The VigorFit® Solution.

Our state of the art folding mechanism allows our steel frame to fold within itself. Our folding system ensures that the VigorFit® rollers ride along the smooth surface of our frame at all times.

This makes the VigorFit® Gym:

red bulletiSmoother
red bulletiQuieter
red bulletiStronger

VigorFit® Solution – #2

New Sealed Pulley System Keeps Ropes in Place

for a Safe and Smooth Workout.

VigorFit® Solution – #2

This style gym is absolutely dependent on its rope and pulley system. That’s why we feel that our New Sealed Pulley System is one of the best advantages of the VigorFit® Gym.

By maintaining the ropes position as it comes through our pulley system you are ensured a very safe, smooth workout.

We guarantee that the ropes will never slip.

Your workout will be:

red bulletiSafe
red bulletiQuiet
red bulletiSmooth


VigorFit’s® Sealed Pulley System Hold Ropes in Position for a Smooth, Safe Workout


Pictured here is the VigorFit® Sealed bottom pulley.

VigorFit® Solution – #3

One Size Does Not Fit All!

New Adjustable Rope System Enables Ropes to be Quickly and Easily Adjusted for Users of all Sizes.


The VigorFit® has easily adjustable ropes. In seconds, change the rope to a size that is ideal for you!

New Adjustable Rope System Enables Ropes to be Quickly and Easily Adjusted for Users of all Sizes.

We don’t all wear the same size pants or the same size shoes so why would anyone expect that the same size rope will be perfect for everyone?

Problem resolved.

The VigorFit® Solution.

Our easy adjustable rope system allows you to quickly and easily change the length of the ropes.

Even if one family member is short and one is very tall, this is no longer a problem.

This makes the VigorFit® Gym:

red bulletiExtremely Comfortable
red bulletiVery User Friendly

VigorFit® Solution – #4

New Glide Board Locking System

Holds the Board Tight to the Frame at All Times To Keep You Safe & Your Workout Smooth!

VigorFit® Solution – #4

The VigorFit® Solution:

A series of four locking brackets hold the board safely to the frame at all times.

Not only do they keep the pad on the gym but helps the rollers maintain the proper rolling position at all times for a smooth, comfortable workout.

This makes the VigorFit® Gym:

red bulletiSafe
red bulletiQuiet
red bulletiSmooth


VigorFit's® Glide Board Locking System keeps the pad held tight to the frame at all times.

VigorFit® Solution – #5

New, Steel Resistance Support ensures your safety

not to mention a long lasting high quality gym.

The VigorFit® Gym uses high quality steel to support your most valuable possession. Your body.

In addition to a steel resistance support, we use a heavy duty steel pin to lock the board in place when you change resistance levels.

This makes the VigorFit® Gym:

red bulletiVery Safe
red bulletiExtremely Durable


15 Incline Levels


VigorFit® uses only high quality steel to support you and the board.


Only a solid extra long heavy duty steel pin will do when dealing with the safety of VigorFit® customers.

VigorFit® Solution – #6

Exclusive New Patented Folding System

Makes the VigorFit® Gym Extremely Strong yet allows it to Fold Up Small and Roll Away.

VigorFit® Solution – #6

Our unique folding mechanism allows the VigorFit® Gym to be extremely strong but allows the gym to fold up very small. All of the quality features, 107 gym quality exercises, up to 440 lbs of resistance, yet it folds up to only 8″ in width for easy and convenient storage.


The VigorFit® Gym’s folding system allows our gym to be extremely sturdy yet fold up small. Folds up to only 8″ in width for easy storage.

VigorFit® Solution – #7

New Oversized Solid Ball Bearing Rollers

with Special Ride Smooth Flange Makes Your Workout Comfortable and Smooth.


Oversized Sealed Ball Bearing Rollers with Ride Smooth Flange.

Rollers are a very important part of your gym. Rollers help determine how smooth the gym rides and how comfortable your workout will be.

The VigorFit® Solution.

High Quality Oversized Solid Sealed Ball Bearing Rollers with a Ride Smooth Flange.

The secret sauce that makes the VigorFit’s® rollers so special is the flange. Our rollers are designed like a top hat. The flange position for an extra smooth, comfortable workout.

This makes the VigorFit® Gym:

red bulletiSmooth
red bulletiQuiet
red bulletiVery Efficient

VigorFit® Solution – #8

New Stability Feet Lock

Your Gym In Place! Feel safe and secure.

VigorFit® Solution – #8

These new, heavy duty stability feet lift the roller wheels off the ground. Why? You don’t want your gym rocking, rolling or sliding while working out. These heavy duty feet lock your gym in place for an extremely quiet workout. You will find your gym and all its’ parts feel like they are locked in place.


VigorFit® Solution – #9

New Soft Padded Durable Foot Platform

Squat Board Makes Working Out Comfortable


Oversized, heavy duty squat / foot board is cushioned to help protect your knees and feet and make your workout very comfortable.

Standing on a hard cement floor starts to hurt your feet and legs after a while. Well, we find the same thing happens when you are working out on a hard surface.

The VigorFit® Solution.

Not only is our oversized squat platform durable but its cushion padding helps eliminate stress and strain.

This makes the VigorFit® Gym:

red bulletiVery Comfortable
red bulletiEasy on Your Legs & Feet

VigorFit® Solution – #10

New Ergonomically Designed Pad is Thick

Durable and Very Comfortable.

VigorFit® Solution – #10

You don’t want to feel the hard steel or wood found underneath a workout pad. If your workout is comfortable you are more likely to keep up your exercise regimen.

The VigorFit® Solution.

The VigorFit® Pad is designed to provide you with the appropriate support and keep you comfortable. Perfect for any user up to and including 6’5″ tall.

Not only is it 2” thick but it is filled with high density foam or maximum comfort and durability.


2” Thick Pad filled with high density foam and covered with tear resistant vinyl.


Heavy duty pad designed for users up to and including 6’5″ tall.

VigorFit® Solution – #11

A Whopping 440 lbs of Dynamic Body Weight

and Built-in Resistance Ensures that you will Never Outgrow the VigorFit® Gym!

Perfect for the beginner or the advanced fitness enthusiast. With this much available resistance you should never outgrow the VigorFit®.

Our secret is our New VigorFit® Power Band Sub Assembly.

This assembly has been lab tested to add up to 188 lbs of additional resistance.

So how does it all add up?

72% of a 250lb user plus 100 lb of free weights = 252lbs average dynamic resistance which includes all the dynamic forces in effect throughout the exercise cycle. (72% is the average resistance factor at maximum incline at the speed of the exercise being performed).

Plus the ability to add up to 188 lbs of resistance from the power bands.

Band resistance is the maximum static resistance of the power bands on the glide board at the very top of the incline board maximum stretch). Resistance is dynamic and varies during the exercise cycle.

Total Up to 440 lbs of Dynamic Resistance.

This makes the VigorFit® Gym:

red bulletiA gym you should never outgrow
red bulletiPerfect for the entire family
red bulletiExtremely versatile


New VigorFit® Power Band Sub Assembly – Up to 440 lbs of dynamic resistance available on the VigorFit® Gym.


Lab Tested results show that the VigorFit® Power Bands provide upwards of 188 lbs of maximum static resistance.


A whopping 15 levels of resistance.

Free Guide Free Guide

View 107 Different Exercises in Full Color.
The VigorFit® Replaces an Entire Gym Full of Equipment!


Don’t Take Our Word For It… See What Others Have to Say…

Christine Biemann

“I move better, stand better, walk better”

Christine Biemann
Flagstaff, AZ

“I suffered a car accident 21 years ago, which left me paraplegic. It took me all this time with the help of endless therapy...

to fully recover and the best thing is I can exercise now.

I am using the VigorFit® gym twice a day for only a few exercises and I am already noticing an incredible difference. I am walking and standing better. I have more stamina in my legs.

I am so thrilled, I can’t even tell you! After having gained all that weight, which was mainly due to stress, now by using the VigorFit®, I can see and anticipate that I will be fit and sexy again! I clearly feel and see the difference. Not just me, other people notice it too. I move better, stand better, and walk better. I feel more confident when walking, but also more confident psychologically.

I never thought it possible for me to recover the way I did, and regaining my old figure seemed to be an illusion. It doesn’t anymore!

I am impressed with how much ease the VigorFit® handles! I am as technically inept as a baby, but I can make the changes I want easily and effortlessly.

I am thrilled and happy, and thrilled and happy...

I think that a lot of people disabled or not, could benefit by having the VigorFit® in their house.

Now I can become fit and shapely again with the help of God, the VigorFit®, and my tenacity.

Thank you so much for an excellent machine.”

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Mike Funk

“Better Constructed than the Total Gym®

Mike Funk
West Palm Beach, FL

“I work in a family practice urgent care center part-time. My full-time job is as an assistant professor at the University Physician...

Assistant Program.

I practice medicine and I lecture patients constantly about the importance of weight bearing exercises and the development of lean muscle mass. I have used several machines and I like yours the best!

I have been working out for years.

[The Vigorfit®] is very practical. You can do a very effecient circuit workout and you can do a very focused workout on on muscle group. This allows for a flexible routine regardless of what your goal is. This allows you to work different muscles in a group and to work the same muscles in different ways.

The Vigorfit® is at least as good and better than many machines that I have owned or looked at for significantly less money. This machine is a real bargain.

The only problem that I am having is sharing it with my son! But he’ll be moving out soon and he can buy his own!

Thanks again for making such a high quality and reasonably priced machine.”

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“I Didn’t Fall for The Total Gym® Hype”

Barbara James
Austin, TX

“I am absolutely 100% satisfied with the product and how it functions.It is just exactly as you describe on your website.

My workouts put me through a great series of exercises and leave me feeling wonderful. I can’t wait until it’s time to work out again.

The quality is MUCH higher than I had expected, and quite frankly I had been worried that I would soon outgrow it. Ha! This is a gym I’ll have and use for the rest of my life!!! If I ever get to the point where there is no challenge left, you’ll probably be seeing me on TV as the world’s strongest woman!!!

I just want you to know that I am almost 56, hated physical education as a kid, and in fact, was an obese child. For anyone who thinks they are too old or hate exercise, I am living proof that anyone can change their health and body if they truly want to do it.

Thanks for this wonderful, affordable product – I am so glad I didn’t fall for the Total Gym® that is so hyped on TV!”

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Daniel Gallagher

It is WAY EASY to stay in shape the rest of my life.”

Daniel Gallagher
Florence, SC

“I can’t stand going to the gym. All that time wasted just to wait for others to get off the equipment. If it takes that...

much time just to get to the workout, ‘I ain't gonna be doin’ it long’.

With the VigorFit®, I can start very easily and ease into the muscle stretch that usually causes all the damage with free weights. With the [power bands] and ability to add free weights, I’m sure [I won’t max this machine out].

If I only have a little time one day or don’t feel like doing much, I can. I haven’t shot an hour going to and from the gym.

I hope I haven’t sounded like a ‘canned commercial’. What I say is genuine.

Thanks for the VigorFit®. For the cost of a few months club membership, I have a machine that will make it ‘WAY EASY’ to stay in shape the rest of my life.”

[read more]
Whirlwind Missions

“The Total Gym® on Steroids!”

Reverend Tim Cummins
and the kids at Whirlwind Missions

“The guys at FitnessBargains have created the Total Gym® on steroids. This machine is rock steady tough. The kids I work with really put the machine through its paces and it really holds up great. I like the flexibility and the ease of changing to different exercises. The machine is heavy duty, ‘mission tough’.”

Rev. Tim A. Cummins – Atlanta, GA

Let’s hear from some of the kids!

“I like the leg muscle work out the best. It makes me feel great.”
Andres Martinez

“This machine is remarkable. When you use it you can feel the burn in your arms, legs, and chest. When you’re finished using it you can’t wait to use it the next day.”
Anthony Merino

“It’s a great experience using this machine. It makes me get a good workout and keeps me fit. I can feel my heart beat from the exercise. I like how you can use it in so many ways.”
Christian Leal

“The gym really works out my abs. It has a lot of different positions. I really like how it changes so easily and that you can add weights to make it better.”
Chris Joseph

“I like the pullover exercise. I get a great workout”
Jesus Rodriguez

“I like working out my abs on this machine. It really works out my legs too. My whole body gets a great work out.”
Jouvens Mocombe

[read more]
John Pierro

“This Machine Kicked My Behind!”

John Pierro
Brick, NJ

“Let me tell you that this machine kicked my behind! I was skeptical at first and thought how much resistance could...

this machine have and just how well could it work. When I was 17 I worked out in a professional gym for two years, 5 days a week, two hours a day. After receiving the VigorFit® I managed in a matter of a mere twenty minutes to be whooped like I had gone to the gym for two hours.

I have found that you can certainly strength train and body build on the VigorFit®. I am getting better results than a lot of my friends who actually go to the gym.

This is a wonderful fitness product and I would recommend it to anyone.”

[read more]

Wait! There is a Whole Lot More for Free! Check Out the Innovation, Quality and Features of the VigorFit® Gym.

In addition to all of the features described above, you will also be receiving everything detailed below.

The VigorFit® Gym is our top of the line, premium gym. There is never anything else to ever purchase. You never have to worry if you are getting everything you need or want. No confusion, just one incredible gym.

Again, you don’t have to take our word for it…

Decide for yourself.


Free Push Up Bar


Heavy duty push up bar with comfortable foam grips.


Free Pull Up Bar

Heavy duty pull up bar with comfortable foam grips.



Free Heavy Duty Weight Bar with Free Heavy Duty Metal Spring Style Weight Clips


Note: Free weights shown not included.

Part of our Power Kit, the heavy duty weight bar gives you the ability to add up to 100lbs of free weights to the gym.

To hold the weights securely onto the bar we use heavy duty metal weight bar clips.

Just another way the VigorFit® enables you to pump up the resistance and reshape your body.

Heavy duty free weight bar allows you to add additional free weights. Heavy duty, metal spring style clips ensure the weights stay in place.


Free Dual Leg Rope System

An absolute necessity for proper leg training and to perform Pilates exercises.

Comfortable dual leg rope system allows you to work one leg at a time or both legs at once. Essential for Pilates.



Free Pilates Shoulder Pads


Heavy duty comfortably cushioned shoulder pads lock your body in position for the perfect Pilates workout. Tone, strengthen, elongate and stretch with the power of Pilates. Perfect for developing long, lean slim body.

Heavy duty cushioned shoulder pads lock your body into place comfortably.


Free Toe Bar

This heavy duty Toe Bar is a must to perform Pilates exercises. The Toe Bar is also great for a variety of non Pilates exercises.

Heavy duty toe bar is the perfect accessory for Pilates.



Free Sit Up Station


The VigorFit’s® heavy duty sit up station enables you to work your core, flatten your stomach and work towards obtaining the flat trim stomach or six pack everyone dreams of!

Sit Up Station used to obtain those Rock Hard Abs!


Incredible 75 plus Levels of Resistance

The VigorFit® Gym comes equipped with a whopping 75 plus levels.

15 resistance incline levels plus up to 5 VigorFit® Power Bands at each level.

Easily adjustable resistance upright has 15 incline levels.



More Resistance than You Should Ever Need.

The VigorFit® Gym provides you with up to 440lbs of Dynamic Body Weight and Built-in Resistance. 15 Incline Levels. Power Bands that add up to 188 lbs of maximum static resistance plus the ability to add free weights.

The VigorFit® will grow with you as you get stronger and more fit.


Heavy Duty Steel Frame

The VigorFit® Gym is made of heavy gauge, quality steel. Sturdy, safe and designed to last.


Rolls Away for Easy Storage


Not only does the VigorFit® Gym fold up small but also rolls away.

Folds up small and rolls away for easy storage.


Complete Bumper to Bumper Lifetime Warranty

Real Bumper to Bumper Lifetime Warranty covering all parts.


Indestructible Double Cushion Boxed Packaging

To ensure that your gym arrives safely we don’t just double box. We use two heavy duty boxes with 2″ of cushions separating each box. 1″ thick styrophome on each side.


107 Plus Gym Quality Exercises – Training Manual


Replace an entire gym full of equipment with the VigorFit®. You will receive a high quality, high gloss exercise training manual. This manual depicts in very clear detail 107 exercises. More exercise options than one person should ever need.

Want to see what exercises can be done? Click here for more details


Ideal for all users Up to and Including 6’5″Tall


Genuine Brand New Factory Direct

You will be purchasing factory direct. Rest easy knowing that FitnessBargains, Inc. is the only source of the VigorFit® Gym.


Free Guide Free Guide

View 107 Different Exercises in Full Color.
The VigorFit® Replaces an Entire Gym Full of Equipment!


Don’t Take Our Word For It… See What Others Have to Say…

Ray Schweiger

“Best Home Gym on the Market…”

Ray Schweiger
Bradenton, FL

“The VigorFit® is excellent quality, durability and stability. I ordered my first one four years ago when I lived in Indiana.

During my move to Florida I gave the original to my two buddies up in Illinois whom helped me with the move. I would have never re-ordered a second one if I felt it did not measure up!

[As far as Total Gym® is concerned]… No contest… VigorFit® is a better value all around and does more.

The VigorFit® is the best home gym available on the market….value unsurpassed by anything I’ve seen. Get one today!“

[read more]
Charles J. Seiber

“A big step above the Total Gym®!”

Charles J. Seiber
Salisbury, NC

“I recently purchased a VigorFit® Gym after comparing the 11 major [solutions] shown on your web site with [Total Gym®] and...

after using a Total Gym® and actually fell off of it when the platform came up when I leaned over. I also observed the poor quality construction of the Total Gym®.

I am very glad that I purchased the VigorFit® Gym. It is a great gym. It really is what you say it is and I truly now see the 11 major solutions and the differences between the VigorFit® Gym and the Total Gym®.

Truly the VigorFit® Gym when it comes to product construction and quality, cost, accessories, upgrades, and ease of use is the best and a big step above Total Gym®.”

[read more]
Tony Morana

“ I Love this Thing So Much!”

Tony Morana
Winthrop, MA

“I bought [the VigorFit®] several months ago. I threw out all of my weight equipment.

This [VigorFit®] provides me with every exercise I need to keep fit and strong. I am 42 years old (now young) and I had experienced pain in my joints due to weight lifting. Not with your product. I can actually stretch and strengthen at the same time.

I use it to work every muscle in my body and I feel ‘alive and energetic’ afterwards.

You should advertise more.

I’m sorry but I love this thing so much. I have lost weight, gained energy, and feel better.

So…. THANKS!!!!”

[read more]
Jim Whitman

“I can’t put it any other way than FUN!”

Jim Whitman
Southern Ohio

“After many years of watching the celebrities tout the “total gym®” on late night television infomercials, I decided to research...

their machine prior to making a purchasing decision. I am not an exercise novice, I was a director of a health club in the 1970’s while attending college and a “gym rat” when I was not working at the club I managed.

Fast forward to 2006…

I became interested in the “Total Gym®” in as much it appeared to address flexibility, strength and cardio all in one compact machine. I went on the internet to research the machine and came across the VigorFit® machine. I did the comparison of cost versus value, visited a local retailer that sold a version of the “Total Gym®” and was disappointed with the quality of the machine and its function, like many items you see on television, what you see is not always what you get. I went back to the VigorFit® website, noted that they offered a “money back if not satisfied policy” and made the purchase on line.

The VigorFit® arrived a week later and I am pleased to say that once again I am obsessing about my fitness potential. I now use it every other day for a 30 minute non stop workout, starting with my legs, moving to upper back, chest, shoulders, arms, and abs.

There is something about the VigorFit® movements that are, I can’t put it in any other way other than ‘FUN’. There is something about the fluid nature of the VigorFit® that just ‘feels good’. I think it is the full stretch work out that gives one this feeling.

On a final note, as an added benefit, and my motivation for getting fit and securing the proven health benefits of regular resistance and cardio training, which can be done simultaneously with the VigorFit®, the machine is used and enjoyed by my 8 year old daughter, who “works” out with dad supervising three nights a week and enjoys every minute of it. Great product!”

[read more]

“A Better Workout Than At The Gym.”

Theresa Roberts

“I Can’t stay of the VigorFit®. It is so smooth and with the added bar for weights I feel like I am getting a better workout than at the gym in less time. I don’t think I will ever need to fold it because I plan to use it all the time.”

[read more]

“Your Gym is Everything it Claims”

John A. Covey, Sr. – New York

“I was very pleasantly surprised that your gym is everything it claims to be. I compared item for item with the Chuck Norris Total Gym®. In fact, the salesman came over to inquire as to why I had turned the gym upside down. By the time I finished showing him the comparisons… well, let’s just say, don’t be surprised if he is your next customer.”

[read more]
John Lucas

“I saved about $1,100.”

John Lucas
New Hide Park, NY

A new Total Gym® costs around $1,800. I know because I called the number on the TV commercial. They kept asking me the...

same questions and never answered mine, What does it cost? …until I told them I was hanging up.

So I got the VigorFit®. Right from the start I knew I had made the right choice. The VigorFit® is solid, quiet and exceeded my expectations. I mean it’s better than the Total Gym® and I saved about $1,100.

I tried a cheaper Total Gym® at a local chain store and I felt that I was going to topple over or break the thing. I’m 6.2” tall, 260lbs.

Now my wife comes home and sees me working out. So I said get on and I’ll show you. We’ll we both worked out together and when we were done we looked at each other and said I’m out of breath and I’m a little sore. WOW!

I feel that my metabolism is reved up. Not to mention that I’m sleeping much better. The VigorFit® put fun and ease into working out.

From top to bottom, front to back, the VigorFit® is a Perfect Fit. Buy one; you’ll be glad you did.

I really love this unit.”

[read more]

New Ab & Bun Trainer – Optional Add On Watch Your Body Transform


This add on will be made available to you
as an option after you purchase your VigorFit®.

The VigorFit® is an Incredibly Versatile Home Gym!

The VigorFit® Gym is ideal regardless of your fitness goals. Still not sure it is right for you? Take a look below. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, brand new to exercise or have been going to the gym for years. The VigorFit® Gym is the only gym you will ever need.

Look What You Can Do!

Strength Training:

With up to 440lbs of dynamic body weight resistance and built-in resistance the VigorFit® Gym is ideal for strength training – regardless of how strong you currently are or will be in the future.


All gyms include a complete Pilates Kit and Detailed Pilates Instructions. This is ideal for strengthening and elongating muscles, reshaping your body and losing weight.

Core Training:

Your core includes your stomach muscles and accompanying back muscles. These muscles are used in everything you do from sitting, standing and walking, to playing sports. The VigorFit® Gym makes strengthening your core muscles easy and fun.

Cardiovascular Fitness:

Not only is the VigorFit® Gym ideal for muscle training but offers multiple cardiovascular options to get your heart pumping and help you reshape and lose weight.

Weight Loss:

The key to losing weight and more importantly keeping it off is adding muscle. Lean muscle mass will enable your body to burn more calories at rest. By using the VigorFit® Gym to add muscle while at the same time adding some of the VigorFit’s® Cardio exercises your body will turn into a fat burning machine.

Circuit Training:

Circuit Training involves performing a series of total body exercises with little or no rest in between. When you do this you increase your heart rate, burn calories while at the same time strengthening and toning your body. The VigorFit® Gym is ideal for this because there is very little adjustment required between exercises. The Ultimate Time Saver – you can reshape your body in a fraction of the time.

Body Building:

The key to building muscle and reshaping your body is progressive resistance. Put simply you have to continually push and challenge your muscles in order to force them to grow. With up to 440lbs of dynamic body resistance and built-in resistance the VigorFit® Gym is the ideal tool for even the most experienced fitness enthusiasts.


Order Now To Get Your VigorFit® Body

VigorFit® Fitness Consultants are available to help!

Only 20 Minutes a Day 3X’s a Week


Click for the BBB Business Review of this Gymnasiums - Equipment & Supplies in Lake Worth FL
Dave Newman

“The VigorFit® is just ‘Breathtaking’!”

Dave Newman
Framingham, MA


Your customer service is unbeatable. Sunday morning e-mail!

I have to tell you with regard to the bike, I have used it two days in a row and I just love it. That has to be the most ingenious add-on device that I have seen in a while.

Besides your VigorFit® gym, I also own and use a NordicTrack ski machine. I honestly can say that it will probably get used less often now that I have the bike attachment.
I had been lugging the skier back and forth to use it as it sits off to the side in our bedroom.

Now I’ll probably just use the bike attachment as my legs really got a good workout for the two 20 minute periods that I used it. I’ll have to try to pedal it next with my hands.

The amount of workout (not mention the array of exercise) you get on this machine is just “breathtaking.”

[read more]
Jim Moskal

“The greatest thing since sliced bread!”

Jim Moskal
Buffalo, NY

I use the gym four to five times a week and still enjoy using it. Lost eleven pounds and hoping for ten more.

I was looking for a piece of exercise equipment that was easy to use and that didn’t take up a whole den. I went online to check out the Total Gym®. I liked what I saw until I checked out the price Yikes! I also checked out the Bowflex…Again, Yikes! I saw the VigorFit® website and decided to check it out. I liked what I saw until I saw the price, Then I liked it even more.

The VigorFit® is a great piece of equipment…well constructed and easy to use.

The VigorFit® is comparable to the most expensive Total Gym® priced like their cheaper versions. Sometimes you don’t have to pay a lot for a quality piece of equipment and that’s the case with the VigorFit® gym.

The steel tubing construction, the retaining and locking pins even the welds are of high quality. The two inch pad makes the VigorFit® comfortable and easy to use. It’s a great piece of equipment in a small package.

Keep up the good work.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my wife and daughter also use the VigorFit®.”

[read more]
Rod Meredith

“Way above the fitness standards of today.”

Rod Meredith
Abbotsford, British
Columbia, Canada

“The Vigorfit® is WAY above the Total Gym®. I owned one before and it didn’t stand up to the use it was supposed to.

The coating on the cables cracked. The vinyl on the backboard tore and the sponge on the pushup bar ripped.

So, when I was looking to find some way to replace it, I was thrilled to see the ad for the VigorFit® Gym. As far as I’m concerned your gym is way above the fitness standards of today.

Thank you so very much for putting out a very affordable product that isn’t cheaply made.”

[read more]

Don’t Take Our Word for It! Compare for Yourself and Save!


Total Gym®

Models 1000, 1500, Ultra, Platinum

Total Gym®

Models 1700, Club

Total Gym®

Models 2000, 3000, XL

The VigorFit® Gym

Normal Sell Price

May vary according to model, seller, options and discounts offered

Up to $269 without all accessories. No ability to perform Pilates

Up to $369 without all accessories.

Up to $1800 plus


Only $397 Free Freight

All Accessories and Upgrades Included.

Summary / Description

Lightweight Home Unit sold in retails stores, internet and TV shopping networks

Low cost lightweight unit sold retail, internet and on home shopping channels.

The gym you see advertised on TV. The model number has changed over the years but the basic gym is the same with some modification.

Manufactured by FitnessBargains, Inc.

The VigorFit® is our Top of the Line Model and comes one way – complete!

Maximum User Weight





Glide Board Pad Thickness





User Height Limit






1 yr

1 yr

2 yrs moving parts. Life frame

Real Lifetime Warranty on the entire gym.

Board Upholstery

Light Weight Vinyl

Light Weight Vinyl


Heavy Duty Puncture Resistant Vinyl


1/2″ Low Density

1/2″ Low Density

1.5″ High Density

2″ Thick High Density


Rubber Rollers w/ std bearings

Rubber Rollers w/ std bearings

Hard Rubber Rollers with B.B Rollers

Extra Strong  Solid Oversized Sealed Ball Bearing Rollers w/ Flange


Vinyl Coated Cable

Vinyl Coated Cable

Vinyl Coated Cable

Polyester Racing Braid. Reinforced.

Won’t Break. Covered by Our Lifetime Warranty!

Foot Holder

Wing Device

Wing Device

Wing Device

Steel Sockets Welded directly into the frame

Squat Stand

Plastic Platform

Costs Extra

Plastic Platform

Costs Extra

Plastic Platform

Knee Protecting Oversized Platform.

Wood Base, covered with high density foam and tear resistant vinyl.

Eases the impact on your knees from a hard leg workout.

Resistance Levels

6 Levels

6 Levels

6 Levels

75 Levels of Resistance.

15 Incline levels plus 5 additional resistance band options at each level for a total of 75 Built in levels of resistance.

Built In Resistance

Not Available

Not Available

Not Available

Yes. Our VigorFit® Power Band Sub Assembly Provides upwards of 188lbs of resistance.


Rails fold into ladder & rollers

Rails fold into ladder & rollers

Rails fold into ladder & rollers

VigorFit’s® New State of The Art Frame!


Some accessories are available

Considered lighter weight retail version

Some accessories are available.

Considered lighter weight retail version

Some, but not all accessories available – If you are willing to pay extra!

Hundreds of Dollars worth of Accessories Available Free of Charge.

VigorFit® Power Band Sub Assembly – Five Bands providing upwards of 188lbs of built in resistance.

Pull Up Bar

Push Up Bar

Sit Up Station

Dual Leg Ropes System

Toe Bar

Pilates Shoulder Pads

Oversized Padded Leg / Squat Stand

Heavy Duty Free Weight Bar

Exclusive Sealed Pulley System

Strength Power Kit

Pilates Kit

Detailed Heavy Duty, Glossy, Exercise Manual

• The above comparison is believed to be true and accurate as of 3/22/2014. Information provided is subject to change without notice. We encourage all consumers to perform their own research before making a purchasing decision.

Prices, options and accessories may vary according to model, seller , options and discounts offered. All information was obtained by contacting Total Gym® representatives. We encourage all consumers to do the same.

* Total Gym® is a registered trade mark of EFI Sports Medicine. FitnessBargains, Inc is in no way affiliated with nor sells any Total Gym® products.


Order Now To Get Your VigorFit® Body

VigorFit® Fitness Consultants are available to help!

Only 20 Minutes a Day 3X’s a Week


Click for the BBB Business Review of this Gymnasiums - Equipment & Supplies in Lake Worth FL

Getting Your VigorFit® Body is Always 100% Risk Free!
100% Hassle Free, Risk Free Purchase Guarantee!


If the VigorFit® Gym is not everything we say it is and more, than return it for a full refund less freight charges. Click Here for Details.

Have questions, Reach a customer service representative by clicking here now !

Call Toll Free: 1-877- 4 Fit Gym
“Call 1-877 4 Your Fitness Gym”

Shipping Details

Freight Costs

Only $54.00 US Within the Continental U.S. – Free for a Limted Time (Excludes AK, HI and Canada)


Fed Ex Ground Service

Number of Boxes


Delivery Time

Ships within One Business Day. Usually Same day Shipping.

Outside The Continental U.S. (48 States)

Email for a freight quote prior to purchasing.


Fed Ex Certified for Safety. Double Cushioned Packaged.

Sales Tax

6.5% Florida Residents Only

Product Details


98% Pre-assembled. Average Initial Set up time 15 minutes


Heavy Duty Gauge Steel.

User Height Limit

Up to and including 6’5″ tall.

Footprint Opened at Bottom Level

7′ Long x 3’8″ Tall x 27 Wide (with accessories)

Footprint Folded

51″ x 21″ x 8″


Black gym with VigorFit® Logo on Pad. Exactly as shown in the pictures except a nice blue VigorFit® Logo will be located on the pad.


Order Now To Get Your VigorFit® Body

VigorFit® Fitness Consultants are available to help!

Only 20 Minutes a Day 3X’s a Week


Click for the BBB Business Review of this Gymnasiums - Equipment & Supplies in Lake Worth FL

If the VigorFit® Gym is not everything we say it is Return it for a Full Refund!

We are confident that you will absolutely love your new gym. If for any reason you are not 100 % satisfied that it is everything we say it is and more than return it for a full refund less freight charges. See policies for details.

Hassle Free, Lifetime Protection Warranty!

FitnessBargains stands behind all of its gyms. Here it is simple – no fine print. Have a defective part, we will replace it.*

Have more Questions?

Click Here to Reach a Customer Service Representative.

Free Guide Free Guide

View 107 Different Exercises in Full Color.
The VigorFit® Replaces an Entire Gym Full of Equipment!


Thank you for your interest in The VigorFit® Gym!

Copyright 2014 – No part of this ad may be duplicated in part or whole without the express written permission of FitnessBargains, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The entire contents of this ad are fully owned and copyrighted by FitnessBargains, Inc. No duplication, in part or whole is permitted.

Before starting any exercise program, we recommend that you always check with your physician.

VigorFit® and FB Gyms™ are Trademarks of FitnessBargains, Inc.

* Gyms will ship same day or next business day depending on volume and time of payment.

* Some warranty parts may require the gym owner to pay shipping & handling only.

Try the Incredible Vigorfit® Gym for 30 Days and Pay Only $30

When you consider that other gyms with not nearly as many options and features costs as much as $1500 up $3000 and more, the Vigorfit Gym® is a phenomenal bargain.

Our dedication is to getting you the best possible quality gym that will produce fantastic results in minimal time.

The normal discounted selling price of the Vigorfit Gym® is only $499 plus $54 shipping. But wait, for a limited time we have two discount offers available to you.

Savings Option # 1: One Time Pay Savings!

If you prefer to pay via Credit Card or PayPal we are offering a one-time pay discount so you only pay the low price of $397 plus we will even throw in free shipping.

In total this option saves you $156 instantly.

Don’t worry. If you choose this option you still get to take advantage of a 30-day risk free trial.

Savings Option # 2: Pay Only $30 Now & Get Started Today!

If you want to obtain this incredible gym right now and only pay $30 down while you try the gym and then small monthly payments thereafter then our easy financing option is for you.

If you choose this option you pay only $30 now and small monthly payments that best fit your needs after that. For a limited time, we are providing a discount on the total cost even if you choose to spread out your payments. If you choose this option now, you will pay only $499 plus we will throw in free shipping.

With this option you save $54 off of our already normally discounted price plus you are able to get started for only $30.

You decide what works best for you. Pay a one time payment and save $156 or pay only $30 now and save $54 off of our normal discounted price.

To get started simply click order now and choose your payment option and terms.

You will absolutely love your new gym and what it will do for your body and your health.

*The total you will pay if you choose financing will be slightly higher as interest charges will apply. Financing allows you to choose the monthly payment that best fits your needs and budget. Before you apply the amount to expect for your payments will be very clear and chosen by you.