The Vigorfit® – Better than a chiropractor?

This is part two of an in depth review of the Vigorfit® gym provided to us by medical professional Michael Funk PA-C MPH. Mr. Funk is both a medical professional with years of experience in the field in the field of rehabilitation as well as a professor at an esteemed medical school.

In part one of his review he clearly stated that the Vigorfit® was better than the professional versions of the Total Gym, found in the physical therapy clinics that he worked in. Read part one of the review here (Medical Professional’s Review of the Vigorfit Gym).

Michael Funk PA-C MPH , was kind enough to submit to us this additional review where he comes up with another very unique use of the Vigorfit® Gym. In it, he is of the opinion that the Vigorfit® is better than the devices used to help people with bad backs found in a chiropractor’s office.

Now, we never make any medical recommendations, claims or opinions. These are the opinions of medical professional Michael funk PA-C MPH., based on his years of experience performing rehabilitation, teaching rehabilitation and using professional grade rehabilitation equipment. As always we recommend that you check with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Another thing I have found I can do on the gym that you didn’t tell me about!

You know what a “Back Swing” is? It’s a device that clamps around your ankles and then you can invert yourself so that you stretch the vertabrae in the spine. Research has shown that going a full 180 degrees is not the best because after a few minutes of stretching the muscles begin to contract in reaction to the over stretching caused by gravity. An angle of 45 degrees is best. So, with the Vigorfit® Gym, I can set the angle on the glide table and then hook my ankles in the pull-up bar and get a good, gentle traction stretch of my spine!

This is also much better than the devices some chiropractors recommend in which you have a device that supports your head and then you “hang” from a door.

I like this piece of equipment more and more every time I use it!!! Thanks, again!!!!
 – Michael Funk, PA-C. MPH West Palm Beach

Read part one of the review here ( Vigorfit® Better than Total Gym by Mr. Funk ), while you can see how he talks about using the Gym for 10 years in this last part.

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