A Vigorfit® Review – Using the gym for ten years regularly!

We are pleased to present to you with yet another update from Medical Professional Michael Funk PA-C MPH.

Mr. Funk PA-C MPH is a medical professional specializing in the field of rehabilitation, who also is a professor at an esteemed medical school.

Using his unique insight and experience, Mr. Funk ,PA-C MPH has been kind enough to provide us with two additional reviews of the equipment. Find Part 1 here and Part 2 here: Medical Professional’s Review. Vigorfit Better than a Chiropractor?

We are very pleased and thankful that he updated us, after he had been using the gym for almost 10 years. Almost any company can provide you with reviews immediately after a customer has received the gym, but think to yourself, how many customers update you, almost 10 years later!

In this short but every important update to his previous reviews, medical professional Michael Funk, PA-C MPH states that he has been using his Vigorfit® for almost 10 years straight, and it is still in brand new condition and functions just as good, as when he originally received it. If that is not a testament to the quality and functionality of the Vigorfit® Gym, we don’t know what is.

Here it is in his own words:

An old friend just asked me where I got my machine and of course I gave him the link to your site. My machine is almost 10 years old and looks and functions just like new. I looked over the testimonial I made way back when and I still mean everything I said. This is really a great piece of equipment. Best money I ever spent!

– Michael Funk, PA-C. MPH West Palm Beach


This is the third of a three part series of reviews and updates supplied to us by medical professional Michael Funk PA-C MPH. We would like to thank him for his professional insights and for taking the time to share his thoughts and experience with all of us. If you are considering a home gym, we recommend that you review of Mr. Funk PA-C MPH insightful review.

You can find the other reviews here: ( Vigorfit® Better than Total Gym by Mr. Funk ) and ( Vigorfit® better than the Total Gym Professional rehab version )


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