A medical professional’s review of the Vigorfit® Gym

We are pleased to offer this in depth review, by a medical professional and college professor Michael Funk PA-C MPH. Michael Funk is a medical professional with many years of experience in rehabilitation. In addition, he also teaches at an esteemed medical school. Why does his opinion matter? Well, first we truly believe that all of our customer’s opinions matters, and can be useful to others when making a purchasing decision. With that said, Mr. Funk PA-C MPH, has professional experience that gives him a very unique insight that he can share. As a medical professional he understands the body and understands how equipment and training and fitness can affect the body both positively and negatively. In addition, Mr. Funk PA-C MPH has used professional quality rehabilitation equipment previously, so he is able to provide you with a true comparison.

Circuit Routine

In his review, medical professional Michael Funk PA-C MPH makes mention of a circuit routine. A circuit routine is when you perform many different exercises in a row with very little rest in between. In doing so, you are able to perform a simple 20 minute workout, that works your entire body, gives you a fantastic cardio fat-melting workout, tones and builds muscle, all in one easy to do workout. You will see, that in his review of the Vigorfit®, Mr. Funk PA-C MPH states that the Vigorfit® is ideal for performing a circuit routine. Also take note that Mr. Funk PA-C MPH clearly states that the Vigorfit® is better than the professional quality total gyms, found in the rehabilitation medical offices that he has worked at. Obviously, the rehabilitation style equipment costs significantly more than the consumer models. This is important, because he states in his review that the Vigorfit®, exceeds the quality of the equipment that he has used for patients in his offices. In fact, he states that the Vigorfit® is the best equipment he has ever used. In addition, as a medical professional Michael Funk PA-C MPH provides his unique insights into the back benefits of the Vigorfit® gym. We want to state here that we always recommend that you check with your physician. These are the recommendations and opinions of Michael Funk PA-C MPH based upon his professional experience. Here’s what medical professional Michael Funk PA-C MPH has to say:


You can do a very efficient circuit workout, and you can do a focusedworkout on one muscle group. This allows you to work different muscles in a group and to work the same muscles in different ways. Of all the equipment I have owned, I like this one the best. The machine is better constructed than the Total Gym in the Physical Therapy clinic I worked in, and that was the top of the line $1000 plus machine. One thing about this equipment that is unique is that there is no axial loading of the spinal column when exercising. This will slow or eliminate the development of degenerative changes that can come with over use and if you have back problems this will not aggravate those problems. I like this piece of equipment more and more every time I use it.  – Michael Funk, PA-C. MPH West Palm Beach

We would like to thank Mr. Funk PA-C MPH for the time spent sharing his thoughts on the Vigorfit® gym, His review will certainly assist other people in trying to make an informed decision. Check out the second part of this review where he talks about Vigorfit® better than the Total Gym Professional rehab version. You may also see the last part of his interview as he talks about using the Vigorfit® for ten years.

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